Thursday, June 11, 2009

Running with a Purpose

Alright, have you ever heard the saying "Run with a purpose" or "Exercise with a purpose"? Well I had one this morning. Last night I realized that I had to take a Blockbuster movie back that was about a week overdue. I figured, I have to run in the morning and I need to return the movie, why not kill two birds with one stone? So off I went, running through Sugar Land with a water bottle in one hand and the movie Taken in the other hand. (By the way, I didn't think the movie was as good as everyone said it was.) Got the movie back and recorded about a 4.5-5 mile run. I haven't mapped it on yet. I also burned about 900-1000 calories. Don't really know for sure how many because my Heart Rate Monitor quit working about a mile into it this morning. Boooo!

When I got home, it was normal get to work on time routine. Kandy has been on me because I make too much noise, so this morning, I tried to be extra quiet. It didn't work. Will woke up with the nastiest, stinkiest, blueberry filled diaper you can ever imagine. He was yelling, "Momma, Poo Poo". That woke Ethan up, and the rest was down hill after that. Everyone was up and ready for the day, and it wasn't even 7:30 yet. I proceeded to change the diaper like any great husband would do at that point. Then it was off to work.

I wish I could have stayed there with Kandy and the boys today. It would have been a good day. Almost time for vacation though. Two more days of work and off to Uplift with the Youth Group.

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